Saturday, August 17, 2019

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Over 6,000 foreign tourists visit Abyaneh village

Mohammad Adeli told that based on statistics 1,440 French, 665 German, 638 Chinese, 523 Dutch, 418 Italian, 358 Spanish and 286 English tourists visited Abyaneh village.

He added that other foreign tourists came from Denmark, Turkey, Portugal, Norway, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Hungary, New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Canada, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Greece, Slovenia, Brazil, India, Algeria, Romania, Argentina, Ireland, Indonesia , Ukraine, Estonia, Afghanistan, Morocco, Sweden, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt, Peru, South Africa, Slovakia, Croatia, Colombia, Iceland, Philippines, UAE, Mexico, Chile, Finland and Scotland.

Abyaneh is a village in Barzrud Rural District, in the Centra

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