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7th International Conference on Economics and Management

The 7th International Conference on Economics and Management was held in Dalarna University with the participation of the Iranian Cultural Center in Sweden on Jun, 30th. Dr.Seyedabdolmajid Mirdamadi, Iranian Cultural attaché in Sweden presented the following paper at the conference.

National and Patriotic Mission of Iranians in Contemporary World

Iran has played an effective role in the global culture. Iranian civilization is among the oldest civilizations of the world. Cupper age, which comes after the stone age, was discovered by Iranians. Iranian religions have their roots in monotheism and the Iranians were the world’s first monotheist people. The intertwinement of Islam and Iran was the beginning of Islamic civilization in the fourth century hegira. Our culture with all its meaning and content constitutes the identity of Iranian “I”. When we speak of culture, we mean a set of tangible and intangible, rational and emotional signs as well as art and literature, lifestyle, value systems, customs and beliefs whose realm is all signs of our society from long time back. “I” as an Iranian, in scientific and historical approach, am proud of the Iranian culture due to its sublime manifestations and bow my head before it, for I see this culture enjoying splendor and glory among other cultures of the world which has matured day by day. An Iranian, due to this culture, cannot and must not feel weak and weak, frustrated, and feeble vis-à-vis other newly emerging cultures. In fact the result of frustration and weakness will be crisis of identity for an Iranian. Today, we and our children shoulder a great responsibility before the world. Hence, we must:

 1 – Honor the ancient Iranian values and heritages as constituting part of our historical identity and must accept that the history of Iran, with all its content has intertwined with the identity of Iranian “I”. This history despite its might has had some weaknesses as well, but compared to other cultures enjoys great value and contents, which is the mother of the world cultures.

2 – Islam entered this home just like a new bride and in bond with the culture of this land created the great sapling of Islamic culture and civilization. This Islamic-Iranian bondage, with its strong links with science, ethics, religions, spirituality, moderation and rationality has always imparted the message of friendship and kindness, cultural and religious dialogue and lately the message of a world free from violence and extremism.

3 – Iran and Islam in their interaction and exchange enjoyed a lot from each other. Islam has had a dynamic growth in the context and kind lap of Iran and Iranian civilization and culture. This emergence is itself a manifestation of emergence of Islamic civilization and that of Iranian scientists and thinkers, each of which has been a source of great works which have served the world.

4 –We, Iranians are the inheritor of this auspicious bond of Islam and Iran. Mere being proud of the past glorious Islamic Iran will not discharge our historic mission today. We, just like our ancestors, must try to develop our motherland. We should not put step in their footprints, for they went down this road, rather we must rely on what they done to achieve more sublimation.

5 – We Iranians in the first place should have a proper knowledge of what we take pride in. We must study our culture and history properly. Iran must pay attention to the Islam which is a moderate rational reading and approach based on the truth of the Quran and Iranian spirit. An Iranian Muslim considers Iran the land of kindness and Islam as religion of mercy. An Iranian cannot consider violence as his/her religion or culture. 

6 – A learned Iranian must try to introduce his/her cultural values and evaluative culture to the world. The introduction of Iran and its tangible and intangible manifestations, doctrines, and good Islamic-Iranian ethics to the world would remove negative impressions and baseless judgments of others and finally iranophobia will be removed in the light of this dialogue.

7 – Today, contrary to the past when the media empire was in monopoly of few global stations, every human being is a media. Hence we must use this opportunity, which is expanding every day, to introduce proper Islam and Iran to the world.


8 – I seize the opportunity to thank the European Union for their efforts to organize this scientific and cultural dialogue. My special thanks are also due to patriotic and zealous Iranians, who thousands of kilometers away from their motherland, consider Iranian culture and Iranology a source of pride, mutual understanding and dialogue. 


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