Friday, September 20, 2019

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Nowruz celebration in Stockholm

In this celebration participated more than 300 guests. The word Nowruz itself literally means "new day" in the Persian language and the festivity marks the beginning of the solar year as well as the New Year on the Iranian national calendars.

The Nowruz festival celebrates the rebirth of nature. This reawakening symbolizes the triumph of good over the evil forces of darkness, which are represented by winter. Nowruz is the point when the oppressive presence of the cold winter finally begins to recede with the commencement of the lively and hopeful spring.

In nowruz celebration ceremony in Stockholm ,traditional iranian music was played with a group of iranian musicians who live in Sweden and also students of Iranian school in Sweden also played 3 anthems about Iran and Nowruz description.

In this ceremony Ambassador and interim cultural counselor of Iran in Sweden spoke for audiences.

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